Do you deserve a home?

Yes, you do and so do the million others.

But why is it next to impossible to buy a house, especially in Mumbai? A problem which has plagued the country for the past decade or so.

When Xrbia came to us with their grand plan of providing homes to people struggling in this mega city and others, we knew we had the perfect platform to tackle the problem with their vision.

With Xrbia committed to building 100 future ready cities with all possible modern amenities and architect Hafiz Contractor designing the project, the biggest challenge was to not slight the dream by selling it as an affordable option, but as something much bigger than that.

The client was so confident about their offering that they wanted to do the unthinkable. A solo exhibition of their properties was organized in BKC exhibition ground, Mumbai. The major offerings at the exhibition included the financial freedom of owning a home by just paying 10% of the cost and availing a loan for the rest of the amount at just 7.25%. Yes, you read it right. Just 7.25% interest on home loan, the lowest ever.

Our confidence in their conviction grew and we unreasoned to make this event an event to remember.

The idea of 'Every Indian Deserves A Home' germinated from an inherent need.

The need to own a home! It's there on everybody's mind and that is what we successfully used in our communication. The artistic rendition of the idea that; if home is on your mind then Xrbia is the answer was conceived to uplift the idea to a bigger level.

The teaser campaign of owning a home for just INR 1.4 lacs generated the right amount of buzz. The buzz was still around when our campaign hit the town and all hell broke loose.

With more than 50,000 walk-ins and 21,000 registrations, the 11 days exhibition had to be wrapped up in just 4 days.

A happy client and a happy agency because we strongly believe that you, me and every Indian deserves a home.

P.S. – A bigger achievement for us – The word 'affordable' was not used even once during the entire campaign :)