Gawd, of course!

A poor cousin of Eureka, this expression resounded in the room when we were hit by the lightening. Alright, it was when the idea hit us. Behind every product that we see, every service that we use, there's a definite understanding of how people react
to experiences. Then, can we put this understanding behind the communication? Can we use it to have better products to begin with? And can we, in the first place, start deciphering this understanding?

We SubReasoned. The first brick of SubCulture was laid.

Now came the task of naming the company. We were sure the name had to strongly cue what we offered. Cultural, social, ethnographic insights about Indians, Indian trends, and ethos. One word to convey all this seemed too much to ask for.
We unreasoned again.
We realized we didn't have to look far. Because the answer lay somewhere close by, in the absolute obvious.
And it did.

In 'Subculture'. A well-known sociological term that means a group of people with a culture which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong.
Upon deriving the Hindi meaning of 'sub', we saw our name contained the idea of many Indias. It became a brilliant coming together of several aspects.

We were determined to convey this complexity as simply as can be, in the identity and the stationery. We went about town clicking popular Hindi graffiti – 'Sab ka Malik Ek' or 'Sab se bada Rupaiya' and crafted 4 disparate styles for visiting cards with a common look and feel.

The design became an instant hit and served as a fantastic starting point to start dialogue. The message had hit home. So much so that we won an award for outstanding design at the recently concluded GoaFest Abby Awards 2011.

We brought home a Silver. And why not, we had seen the silver lining behind the foggy cloud.