Who's the true son of the soil?

Sunil, our creative director and managing director is one of the founding members of a landscaping solutions company – Sons of Soil, a name that's Sunil's own.

The task of designing an identity for it was not a mean one. The project was closer to our heart for many reasons. One, Sunil's direct involvement. Two, it was about Mother Nature, about restoring it, about giving back from what we took from her. Three, the name itself. We knew the visual identity had to be as innate and deep as the name.

We found our visual cue in the 'Tree of Life'.

A motif about fertility, nurturing and the cycle of life. A motif prevalent in the folklore, culture and fiction of many communities and countries.

But how do we forge a powerful connect between two already powerful symbolisms? We unreasoned. Why only man, isn't the tree the son of the soil too? Then again, doesn't the man emerge from the same soil as the tree?

We found our answers.

We took the motif of tree of life and placed the man where the tree was. In doing so, we reiterated the need for the man's action because it's also the man who can be the nucleus, the pivot for all the nature's sustenance. Under the same sky as the tree, walking the same earth, breathing the same air, the man has what it takes to be the tree of life.

The true Son of the Soil.