The silk route

Sri Sundar Silks, Matunga. Best known for exquisite traditional silk sarees faced a rather peculiar situation.

A large tree in front of the store hid it from the shoppers. Even the most loyal discerning customer found it difficult to navigate her way around the tree to get to the store. Footfalls fell dramatically. Profits dwindled. On quizzing the client, whether he would consider cutting down the tree, he refused vehemently. Our respect for him grew. Concern for nature in face of economics is uncommon.

Our task became more challenging and exciting. We knew it was time to unreason. And we did. Made the tree our communication.

We took seven best sarees from the store and hung those on the branches of the tree. It was a sight never witnessed before. Everyone noticed. Footfalls not only rose but doubled. Cash registers rang. And there was our campaign, live in front of our eyes.