How to beat
the recession blues..err reds

2008. When recession knocked on Orbit Corporation's – South Mumbai's most sought-after real estate company – doors, it was not a surprise. Every business – big, small, local, global was reeling in the aftermath of the American sub-prime crisis.

Thankfully, Orbit Corporation was a company that had the gumption to face the storm head-on. Their determination and faith that they will sail through, came in handy.
Our task was to translate this conviction in their upcoming annual report.
We knew mere words and visuals would not achieve that.
We unreasoned.
Conviction is most effective when physical.
When one does it, one feels it.
We made two covers for the annual report.
A red cover on top with a green cover hiding underneath.
The red cover was perforated all through suggesting the reader tear it open to see the green underneath.
The copy on both the covers spoke about the journey from tough times to happier ones, from red to green.
The report was a more than just a hit, it has found place in Orbit's hall of fame.