Offering to the God of Thinking

The god of detailing blessed us too.

How many times do we get a chance to live in a township designed and thought through by us? We got it once and that's the story of Life Republic!

While briefing, the client happened to mention that as a township, the developer has to maintain it for 15 years after they hand over the last apartment. It sparked an idea. If we have to maintain it for 15 years, we have an opportunity to implement all the things that we wished our cities had. From simple civic behaviour like not spitting on the road and not littering the environment; to larger ideas like multi-faith meditation center and sustainable homes.

We had over 100 acres to play with and a client who was willing to support us till the last mile. In our minds, we UNREASONED.

We started with a name that would describe life here - a Life Republic! The logo too suggested life at Life Republic - one of nature and nurture. Then we thought some more, imagined and created a community built around core principles of creativity, sensitivity and sustainability; marrying democratic values and good governance.

We meticulously planned each detail that went into making the very fibre of Life Republic; right from the Code of Ethics to the zoning of the township. Even the communication was designed in a thoughtful way – connecting with people, than selling the township.

'Community for thinking minds' was depicted via visuals of people with an extended forehead, throughout the campaign. The launch campaign stormed through people's minds and the first phase of 100 acres started filling up fast.

The thoughtful amenities of the project were represented with equally thoughtful segregation by using twelve vibrant colours, creating a twelve colour flag of the township. This flag also doubled up as an invitation for the launch event. Than doing a typical brochure, we created a coffee table book for Life Republic, knowing in our hearts that no thinking mind would miss a good read.

Life Republic received an award by Realty Plus Excellence Award 'West' for its innovative marketing campaign. However, a better acknowledgment is what we are frequently told by our customers "This is just what I have been praying for". We offered it to the God of Thinking.