The story of two phone calls

The head of Karsondas Exports came to us with a loaded agenda: Make me a campaign that can get me that one phone call from that elusive purchase manager of an international store traveling to India and kept busy with messages from every Indian exporter.

That moment on, that one phone call became our focus.
We knew our job was made a tad easier by the sheer exquisiteness of the dhurries and curtains produced by Karsondas. We recognized the painstaking effort and skilled talent of hundreds of artisans from rural India woven in its threads.

We unreasoned.
Why should a campaign for dhurries made by artisans in the heart of India always be shown decorated in a plush living room of a villa in another land? Why not show the threads and spreads in their very land of origin?

The result.
We had a campaign so quintessentially Indian and by default so brilliantly beguiling that not one but two phone calls came.

One to the head of Karsondas Exports by that elusive purchase manager to place a huge order. Unfortunately though, Karsondas Exports never had to advertise again.
The second call came to us from another client – Shyam Ahuja, who saw the campaign and instantly signed us on for his brand.