On cloud nine

When Indiabulls Real Estate approached us to launch South Mumbai's finest private residences, we knew we had a great opportunity on hand.

Wait, make that three.

Indiabulls Sky, Indiabulls Sky Suites and Indiabulls Sky Forest.

Iconic towers with absolutely high-end private residences with well, the finest amenities money can buy.

Sounds magnificent except that it was all but a blue print.

No elevations, no visual renderings, only a very very very confident client that he'll deliver on the blueprint to the T.

That confidence gave us fillip.

We sold his dream, like he requested us to.

We stacked tufts of clouds one atop the other to show the very first tower that was to be launched.

The stacking took care of the verticality of the tower, the clouds gave it the lush rich imagery.

The first full page ad was released with nothing but that.

A stack of clouds.

The rival real estate barons woke up to see the bar raised to the sky and the rich and famous made eager calls.

In a matter of 2 months, all residences in the first tower were booked.

The other two towers were subsequently launched and were lapped up like high-end residences have never been before. Like hundreds and thousands of dollar bills were suddenly falling from the sky.