To cut a short story shorter

Keeping with the subject, this story should be as short as 'We designed a book of proverbs unlike any book on the shelf'. But just like the proverbs, a lot happened between the lines. So, here it is.

Proverbs are literary wealth that's passed on from generation to generation, with each one adding their own. Unfortunately, it also means that most of these proverbs get lost in transition.

Sushilatai Pathak wanted to avoid just that and decided to pass on the treasure trove to her next generations. We were assigned a task which can hardly be termed simple - making the e-generation hold an actual paper book and read. Add to this that such books are seen as boring, dud course materials. Tough it sounds, but we had a powerful idea on our side - UNREASON.

We started with the name. Taking clue from one of the famous proverbs Aga Aga Mhashi, the book was titled 'Aga Aga Mhani'. The similarity between the two is the journey in the unknown one is about to experience.

Proverbs are astoundingly imaginative ways of summing the essence of one's experiences of a lifetime. They needed to be presented in a way that respected this. We unreasoned again.

Proverbs are very illustrative in nature. Then why not use some interesting illustrations, visually translating proverbs in literal terms. These illustrations, while graphic in nature, were the exact imagery one would associate with the proverbs. Further, each proverb was explained in Marathi as well as English for easier and precise comprehension. We didn't stop at that of course.

Along with the book, accessories like bags and t-shirts were also designed around the same theme. The loop was complete and objective was achieved.

When the book was unveiled in a private ceremony, the e-generation not just fell in love with the book, but in their style, also shared it online. Further, the book also won 2 ABBYS at the GOAFEST 2012.

That's the long and short of it.